Form 1

The entry form opens up and users are required to fill up this form very carefully as per the given instructions. Form 1 is APPLICATION FOR GRANT OF PATENT, which includes the legal information such as applicant name, address, contact details, inventor, and assignee. It also contains title of the invention, priority particulars of the application filed in convention country, particulars for filing patent cooperation treaty national phase application, particulars for filing divisional application, and particulars for filing patent of addition.

Form 2

The detailed description of the invention is included in form 2. Form 2 is COMPLETE SPECIFICATION, which consists of title of the invention, field of the invention, background of the invention, objective of the invention, description of the invention, drawings of the invention, claims, and abstract of the invention.

Form 3

Form 3 is STATEMENT AND UNDERTAKING UNDER SECTION 8. It contains name of the applicant, and name, address and nationality of the joint applicant with their country, Name and address of the assignee, and Name of the natural person who has signed. Here, an assignments and details of foreign filing are also considered.

Form 5

Form 5 is DECLARATION AS TO INVENTORSHIP. This form includes the name of applicant, inventor, name of the signatory, declaration to be given when the application in India is filed by the applicant(s) in the convention country, and statement. Enter every detail correctly.

Form 9

Form 9 is REQUEST FOR PUBLICATION. It involves the name, address, and nationality of the applicant. Applicant or his authorized registered patent agent should sign the patent.

Form 18

Form 18 is REQUEST/ EXPRESS REQUEST FOR EXAMINATION OF APPLICATION FOR PATENT. It consists of Applicant, statements in case of request for examination made by the applicant, and any other interested person, and address for service.